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Parker Hannifin

Custom Hose & Supplies, Inc., is a Parker Hannifin Distributor. We sell

  • hose
  • hose ends
  • adapters (including metric)
  • tubing
  • clamps
  • various other products

The Parker Hannifin hydraulic hose products are varied. The pressure ratings range from low pressure to very high pressure with everything in between. Hose ends are available in the crimp on style as well as field attachable styles. Equipment is available to build hose assemblies on-the-job. Parker Hannifin has everything you need to get the job done.

The Parker Hannifin product line includes:

  • brass and steel fittings
  • plastic tubing
  • hose sleeves and guards
  • gear clamps
  • ready-made hose assemblies
  • bulkhead couplings
  • clamp type hose splicers
  • pipe
  • metric fittings
  • BSP fittings
  • split flange adapters

The brass fittings come in a large selection of styles. For example:

  • inverted flare
  • SAE 45 flare
  • compression
  • self-align
  • mini-barb
  • air brake
  • threaded sleeve
  • push to connect
  • needle valves
  • draincocks
  • ground plug & multiple shut-offs.

The steel fittings are available in the following:

  • pipe
  • For-seal
  • SAE 37 degree flare
  • Din
  • metric
  • BSP
  • flareless
  • ...and many others.

The plastic tubing is available in:

  • nylon
  • polyvinyl chloride
  • polyamide
  • polyethylene
  • polyamide

Parker has a wide range of industrial hose which includes tank truck, food, air, steam, sandblast, chemical transfer and many more.