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Trust Us for All Your Clamp Needs

Come to Custom Hose & Supplies Inc for the hose clamps you need for any application including automotive and industrial uses.

We're a distributor for DixonZSI and Vermatic clamps. Available in galvanized or stainless steel, we carry a huge variety of clamps such as band, hose, make-a-clamp, or round wire. 

Stop by our shop today or give us a call for your FREE estimate on any order.

Custom Hose & Supplies Inc Sells:

  • Single ear clamps 
  • Double ear clamps 
  • Worm gear clamps in full or micro sizes 
  • Miniature clamps 
  • Make-a-clamp 
  • Center punch clamps 
  • Band clamps 
  • Single bolt clamps 
  • Double bolt clamps 
  • T-bolt clamps 
  • Hose clamps 
  • Round wire clamps 
  • And more
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Walk-in orders are always available at Custom Hose & Supplies Inc.
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